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IMPAQ’s Approach to Executing
Business Strategy and
Change Management

IMPAQ?s approach to executing business strategy increases personal accountability, team accountability and cross-functional teamwork in order to leverage change efforts, raise performance standards and achieve breakthrough measurable business results in rapid time (3 to 6 months).

Meaningful Employee Engagement?

Seven 1-hour lessons for Managers and their Teams
Formerly known as Success Through Accountability?, this unique self-learning system improves employee engagement and develops supervisors to facilitate meaningful meetings with their direct reports focused on improvement. In seven 1-hour meetings, teams will assess their team accountability and then improve their teamwork, customer service and efficiency. In the seventh lesson, they report their measurable improvements and results. Some of the outcomes you receive from this workshop include:

  • Apply the Personal Accountability Model to commitment to actions for improvement and follow through
  • Develop a clear assessment of customer services
  • Establish agreements for improving customer service and improving efficiency
  • An on-going assessment of team accountability based on 10 different qualities
  • A special report of measurable improvements supporting organizational success

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