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Team Assessments

B STATE Team Relationship Questionnaire (TRQ)

An assessment of team relationships, the B STATE Team Relationship Questionnaire (TRQ) is an easy-to-use tool for producing measurable improvements in team performance and relationships. It covers 15 critical elements to team interaction including roles, agreements, communication, trust, meeting effectiveness, and conflict resolution. Purchase the starter kit first and then add additional questionnaires as needed.

The Kit Includes The Following:

  • 1 ? Leader’s Guide
  • 1 ? Compilation and reporting spreadsheet

  • 1 Electronic Scoring Sheet with Comparative Analysis
  • 20  Team Interaction Questionnaires (enough for 10 people)

Product Price
Starter Kit (required)$250Add to Cart
Set of 10 Add l TIQ forms$150Add to Cart
Set of 50 Add l TIQ forms$650Add to Cart
Set of 100 Add l TIQ forms$1200Add to Cart
Set of 500 Add l TIQ form$5500Add to Cart
Set of 1000 Add l TIQ forms$10000Add to Cart

Call us for teams over 500 members at 1-213-536-5685

Situation Action Inventory (SAI)

An assessment of your response to challenging workplace situations, SAI can be used in a team building session, for hiring or as a new employee orientation.

The Kit Includes The Following:

  • 1  Leader?s Guide
  • 1  Participant Orientation PowerPoint
  • 1  Set of assessment materials for an individual participant

Product Price
Starter Kit (required) $250Add to Cart
Add l Assessment Sets $22 eachAdd to Cart