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NEW** B STATE: A New Roadmap for Bold Leadership, Brave Culture, and Breakthrough Results

By: Mark Samuel

In business and life, there are often moments when one simply can’t seem to find a way forward. Searching in the past for solutions to persistent problems results in frustration and confusion. Issues in corporate teamwork and individual relationships can feel overwhelming and even insurmountable. There’s a lack of control and a sense of being stuck. B State provides a clear roadmap from point A to point B to rapidly achieve measurable, breakthrough results. It’s about a true transformation that removes old mindsets and silos, while replacing inefficient behaviors with desired habits to quickly create the highest performing culture f or groundbreaking business outcomes.

Written for business executives, managers, supervisors, and leaders at all levels, this is a book about how to not just do business, but also live life. It brings about the dynamic forward launch readers are looking for, creating results that are both unprecedented and sustainable.

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Making Yourself Indispensable: The Power of Personal Accountability

By: Mark Samuel

You work for a company that must restructure its staff due to financial losses, but this doesn’t phase you. At work you are confident and in control because, despite layoffs, you know that higher-ups have noticed the quality of your work. You are respected within your organization as a reliable individual and team member. You are indispensable.

Making Yourself Indispensable: The Power of Personal Accountability shows readers how to become masters of accountability by actually doing what we say we are going to do, despite fear of blame, fear of failure, and fear of success.

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Creating the Accountable Organization – $15.95

By: Mark Samuel

Creating the Accountable Organization is a practical guide for ending the Blame Game and developing a work environment where people keep their agreements. Focused on improving Performance Execution, this book provides you with strategies and tools for achieving measurable results.

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