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IMPAQ Core Services Deliver Rapid,
Measurable, Transformation

For individuals, leadership, teams and the entire organization

Public Workshops

Attend one of IMPAQ‘s transformational workshops:

Rapid Culture Change to Achieve Business Results

This 3-day workshop is for Executives, Senior Managers, External Consultants/Coaches and Internal Change Agents from Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness or Organizational Development. You will learn and practice the strategies, systems and tools to change the culture, improve execution across your organization, increase ownership and accountability, and develop a new level of leadership at all levels of your organization.

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to diagnose your organization’s challenges, develop a strategy for intervention and design a Culture Change effort to sustain results. You will leave this high-level workshop with a clear understanding for resolving major breakdowns in your current culture and an implementation plan to achieve measurable business results.

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Mastership for Transformational Leaders

Mastership for Transformational Leaders is a 3-day experiential workshop for experienced managers, change agents and high performers who are dedicated to transforming their workplace and themselves. Transformation involves an inner-journey to free us from habitual patterns and responses that result in greater creativity, intuition, and the capability to overcome unresolved issues.

Just a quick recommendation for Mark Samuel’s advanced programs. I took his workship several years ago and it was a great experience. We worked with not only technical facilitation techniques, but also got into deep work on personal presence and listening at multiple levels to your group and to your own inner voice. Highly recommend him and his work to you. Deborah R.

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