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Mastership for Transformational Leaders

Increasing Personal Effectiveness, Influence and Self-Mastery
April 7-9, 2015 ? Los Angeles, CA (Marina del Rey) PDF

Mastership for Transformational Leaders? is a 3-day experiential workshop for experienced managers, change agents and high performers who are dedicated to transforming their workplace and themselves. Transformation involves an inner-journey to free us from habitual patterns and responses…the?result is greater creativity, intuition, and the capability to overcome unresolved issues.

During this workshop, you will gain the ability to facilitate change in others by applying powerful tools and strategies for resolving your biggest challenges and making life-altering changes. The benefit: You will expand your influence, increase your perception and clarity, and gain command over challenging situations with more options and confidence to respond effectively. Over the course of?three days, you will experience a greater sense of your ?highest? self, peace, fulfillment and confidence to be a transformational leader.

What makes this a true mastership program? Two kinds of results are achieved: First, you will participate in a series of activities to raise consciousness where you experience your life and workplace from a ?higher altitude.? This means that instead of being caught in problems and conflicts, you rise above them. From a ?higher? consciousness you are more equipped to ?see? the problem accurately and resolve it more quickly. Second, instead of just giving you more tools for your current position in life or work, you learn and apply those tools to address ?inner? unresolved issues, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging habits that will take?you to a new level of success and fulfillment. The result: you become more indispensable to others and yourself by the increased value you bring to your work, your family and yourself through greater inner peace and fulfillment.

?Just a quick recommendation for Mark Samuel?s advanced programs. I took his workshop several years ago and it was a great experience. We worked with not only technical facilitation techniques, but also got into deep work on personal presence and listening at multiple levels to your group and to your own inner voice. Highly recommend him and his work to you.? ?Deborah R.

You will explore your beliefs, perceptions, intuition, thoughts, and reactions in order to heighten your awareness of yourself and others.people Through this gained awareness and insight, you will be able to ?see? complex or challenging situations more clearly, provide more creative solutions, and apply your unique talents to better support others in their personal growth process. You will not only come away with over 15?different tools and techniques, but you will have applied them in the workshop to experience you being more energized, inspired and revitalized. And, while this program promises to be enlightening for improving all levels of personal development ? mental, emotional, physical and spiritual ? it is both highly practical and very fun! This is not a ?spill your guts? approach to personal development ? it is safe and fun! ?Did I mention how fun it was?
Mastership for Transformational Leaders?brings together the most powerful techniques and practices experienced over 25 years of various personal, spiritual and leadership growth practices. You will gain insights, sensitivity and tools for:

  • Reading and working with the ?energy? of an individual or group
  • Accessing your intuition and learn how to use it effectively
  • Enhancing your critical thinking for problem solving by bypassing your mind
  • Exploring and transforming limiting beliefs into more positive and practical expansive beliefs that support you in achieving higher levels of effectiveness
  • Facilitating emotional upsets in a way that leads to greater awareness, balance and peace
  • Increasing your ability to ?read? people and respond in a way that assists people in raising their level of awareness and effectiveness

Workshop Facilitator, Mark Samuel

MarkMark Samuel, CEO of IMPAQ, is considered the Execution and Transformation Expert by organizations that have benefited from Mark?s Culture Change system and training. He is the author of the award-winning, Making Yourself Indispensable: The Power of Personal Accountability, and the best-selling book, Creating the Accountable Organization. His focus on personal, team and organizational accountability has enabled him to understand the root causes of breakdowns in execution and find unique solutions that achieve measurable and sustainable results. Mark combines his degrees in organization development, applied psychology and applied statistics along with over 30 years of experience in assisting people to achieve breakthrough results. While Mark?s methods are practical and innovative, his style of presentation is informal, direct and engaging!

Mastership for Transformational Leaders?? 3-Day Agenda

While the following topics would be interesting for discussion,?Mastership for Transformational Leaders is about experiencing mastership, not just talking about it. Each topic below represents at least one experiential activity to demonstrate and experience it for personalized learning. In addition, you will receive over 15 activities and techniques you can use to facilitate or coach other individuals and groups in addition to self-coaching.

Day 1: Setting the Stage for Transformation

Applying an ?Inner-Outer? Approach to Learning, Coaching and Facilitation

  • Brief review of foundational accountable and victim responses ? the deeper ?human? context
  • Clarifying your desired outcomes for transformation/improvement and your primary ?roadblocks? that are limiting your success
  • Transforming concerns, fears and roadblocks into ?intentions? for success
  • Reframing negative or problem situations into opportunities for creative/innovative solutions
  • Transforming problems into successes

Exploring and Clarifying Six Choices for Being Indispensable

  • Being and acting purpose-driven
  • Playing big and identifying/addressing the challenges that cause us to play small
  • The freedom of being adaptable and the difference between being rigid and setting clear boundaries
  • Thinking and acting we-centered to promote engagement and inclusion without giving up your autonomy or your-Self
  • Clarifying priorities to leverage your effort and how to recognize and control distractions that result in becoming activity-focused
  • Ways to value others at a new level in order to gain the value that others have to offer

Day 2: Dealing with Unresolved Barriers that Prevent Success

Changing Habits to Unleash Your Success ? Mental, Emotional, Physical

  • The way we grow, develop and transform through life
  • Leveraging our mental, emotional and physical habits to transform our career, business or personal life
  • Exploring the beliefs that serve you and those that limit you
  • Tracking turning points from our past and releasing limiting historic conclusions to expand into new possibilities

Understanding, Experiencing & Using ?Energy? to Facilitate Change

  • Discovering how we ?create? our own experience and the ?stories? we tell ourselves
  • Learning ?energy? by communicating effectively without using normal language or body language
  • Exploring our relationship to ?winning? and ?being right?
  • How our concerns and fears impact our communication
  • Transforming comfort and denial into safety and accountability

Uncovering and Overcoming Inner Barriers to Success

  • Demonstrating the power of ?clear and aligned intention? for achieving success without planning
  • Embodying the competencies of a transformational leader
  • Understanding and embracing the many ?parts? that make up our reactions
  • Turning ?resistance? to change into truly creative solutions ? accessing intuition on request

Day 3: Experiencing Transformation and Self-Mastery

The Process of ?Healing? to Transform Yourself and Relationships

  • Understanding our process for healing and the link to transformation
  • Facilitating self-forgiveness and appreciation
  • The ?Complete Truth Process? for expressing anger, hurt and disturbing feelings


  • Completing incompletes through a ?picture of success? and outcome-driven planning
  • Gaining wisdom by ?listening? to our physical reactions
  • Facilitating creative problem solving and ownership through positive reinforcement
  • Demonstrating personal power through focus instead of physical strength
  • Creating your comprehensive ?Picture of Success? to becoming indispensable to your work, to your family and to yourself ? the key for work-life balance and achieving success
  • Experiencing the power of enhanced?focus and attention
  • Expanding our approach to recognizing success

Building Team Spirit, Ownership and Action

  • Transforming perceptions and misperceptions into team strengths and support
  • Using acknowledgement to build trust, respect and partnership
  • Expressing appreciation to take recognition to a new level of team spirit

Enroll and Apply Today

Dates: April 7-9, 2015
Place: Los Angeles (Hilton Garden Inn, Marina del Rey. Just 15 minutes from LAX)
Early?Enrollment: By March?24, 2015


1 Person$1995 (early registration)$2495 (regular registration)
2 or more$1795 (early registration)$2295 (regular registration)

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Directions to the Hilton Garden Inn, Marina del Rey Hotel

From the 405 Freeway (also known as San Diego freeway)
  1. 405 Freeway to 90 Freeway (also known as Marina Freeway)
  2. Exit 50A to merge onto CA-90 W toward Marina Del Rey
  3. Left on Lincoln Boulevard
  4. Turn right at first light onto Bali Way
  5. Turn right onto Admiralty Way
  6. Destination will be on the right

From the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

  1. Get on CA-1 N/S Sepulveda Blvd from World Way, Center Way and World Way
  2. Follow CA-1 N to Bali Way
  3. Turn right onto Admiralty Way
  4. Destination will be on the right