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Proven, Quantifiable Results

Achieve breakthrough results and establish a culture of accountability in just months.
Mark Samuel on How We Get Breakthrough Results
Mark Samuel on How We Get Breakthrough Results
Mark Samuel on Building Accountable Teams
Mark Samuel on Building Accountable Teams
Introduction to Accountability-Based Performance Coaching
Introduction to Accountability-Based Performance Coaching
Hear Mark's definition of Accountability and how it's so different from how most people think of it. Learn more at
Mark Samuel - Making Yourself Indispensable
Mark Samuel - Making Yourself Indispensable

Implemented a New Service Delivery Model

A worldwide tire manufacturer implemented new service delivery model across 4 continents after 2 years of failed efforts using major consulting groups. With middle managers leading the execution as a unified team, within 9 months they achieved the following results:

  • Radically improved project cost, schedule, deliverable adherence from 20% to 75%; while improving targeted KPI’s by 50%
  • Improved 28 habits of execution by 75%; of which 50% were significant improvements
  • Improved Team Relationships including: Trust 46%; Support 40%; Resolving Conflict 39%; and Meeting Effectiveness 36%; based on before and after team assessments

Transformed Leadership and Employee Engagement Together!

A retail clothing company completely transformed their leadership team where the relationships were broken and their sub-teams were not communicating. By together painting a clear picture of success and developing clear agreement on how they would execute, they completely surpassed past performance plateaus in less than two months including:

  • Leaders were collaborating and embracing their new partnerships
  • Their primary product quality improved immediately Meetings went from a transactional focus to leading the organization
  • By speaking with one-voice they immediately up-leveled performance expectations, morale and employee engagement at the same time
  • Employees began to immediately collaborate and develop new connections to resolve issues together rather than through the hierarchy

Rallied an entire organization under a One Team, Station First Theme

A nuclear power plant, rallied an extended management team under a One Team, Station First call to action and created a picture of cross-functional execution they could clearly communicate and track as a team. In less than six months they achieved the following results:

  • Completed a 90-day upgrade in 5 days ahead of schedule; while exceeding goals, beating safety targets, and with 25% less rework than previous upgrades
  • Improved 26 Success Factors for Effective Execution by 63%; of which 42% were significant improvements
  • Improved on-line safety, and exceeded Corrective Action Program goals
  • Sustained success in subsequent 3 outages by meeting quality, cost and schedule goals; which ultimately moved them from a second to first quartile rating within 18 months

Over Came Rising Costs and a Blame-Game Environment

A bioscience manufacturing plant, after being plagued by rising costs and a blame-game environment, both the senior and middle managers took shared ownership as unified teams to support each other resulting in a turn-around; and in less than 6 months:

  • Reduced raw material by $10M
  • Improved product release cycle time by 20%; while reducing unit cost by 20%
  • Became FDA Compliant and reduced FDA observations by 40%
  • Improved 74% of the 23 Success Factors for Effective Execution; of which 57% improved significantly
  • The team relationship improvements included: Decision-making 50%; Meeting Effectiveness 48%, Resolving Conflict 41% and Communication 32%

Transformed a Broken Client/Contractor Relationship

A construction contractor transformed a client/contractor relationship that had dissatisfaction, low morale, missed milestones and failed attempts to resolve differences. In months 6 they:

  • While keeping safety high, made critical position adjustments, agreed on shared priorities, aligned on common standards and processes, resolved differences, brought closure to designs and started hitting projected construction target dates
  • Improved 28 habits of execution by 79%; of which 28% were significant improvements.
  • Improved 15 elements of team relationships by 27% overall including: Trust 43%, Roles 40%, Meetings Effectiveness 40%, Resolving Conflict 38%.

Transformed Customer Reputation and Increased Productivity

A major IT group had a reputation of being a barrier rather than enabler, a cost center rather than a value adder, and need to increase productivity by 20% will still making staff reductions. In five months they:

  • Totally changed their executive team’s view of their value to the point the organization was investing in them again
  • Increased productivity dramatically by reducing hours in meeting 30-50% and shared ownership of top priorities across the organization
  • Moved from being $4M short of their costs reduction goals to trending $3M over their goal
  • Transformed 20 new habits leadership execution: 75% improved overall; 45% significantly, contributing significantly to customer reputation
  • Improved in all 15 aspects of internal interactions by an average of 25% including: Conflict resolution 33%; Decision making 28%; Trust 26% and Supportive Challenge 26%

Moved from 4th Quartile to 1st Quartile Quality and Performance

After a seven-year history of poor performance, a major health system system of over 15 medical centers, implemented a Leadership Accountability System. Within twelve months they:

  • Transformed quality from being in the lowest 4th quartile to the 1st quartile
  • Exceeded their cost reduction goal by over double the desired goal
  • Improved patient satisfaction with physicians and the medical center to 1st quartile status
  • Achieved top metrics for the system in 5 areas critical to all organizations making them a leader in the health care system
  • Moved overall performance from the 4th quartile to the 1st quartile
  • Significantly improved 12 Leadership Success Factors for Effective Execution by 100%
  • Improved team relationships in 15 different areas by an average of 50% including: Information Sharing 59%; Keeping Agreements 56%; Listening and Support 54% each; and Trust 49%.

Won Over an Aggressive, Positioned Union


Using a team-based approach where management and union took shared-ownership for resolving power generation and transmission system issues. Union leadership, although initially devoted to stopping this effort, was won over by how an Accountability-Based approach protected and engaged their members, giving them a greater voice in operations while improving productivity and the work environment.

Addressed a High Turn-Over Situation


Reduced turnover from 21% to 7% (company wide) in three months by, working to transition an imbedded senior executive and build a self-managed team that led the organization successfully for 1 year during the search for a replacement. The low turnover rate was maintained for years.

Transformed Customer Performance


As a part of working with every level of the organization, we transformed the mindset and performance for a team of 300+ people working on the company’s largest contract. The team went from missing every milestone to meeting or beating every milestone in only 3 months; resulting in the prime contractor paying a large past due invoice and asking them to slow their pace which allowed the company to put resources elsewhere.