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IMPAQ Core Services Deliver Rapid,
Measurable, Transformation

For individuals, leadership, teams and the entire organization


Culture Change

Imagine rapidly changing your culture in a way that eliminated blame and fostered shared ownership where breakthrough measurable business results were achieved within 6 to 12 months.


Team Transformation

Imagine what your team would accomplish if they had agreed upon collective behaviors and shared accountability that kept every person executing with speed, alignment and proactive recovery.


Leadership Transformation

Imagine if every person took ownership, initiative, and accountability for the improvement of themselves, their teams and the organization in order to achieve business goals and prepare the organization for future success.


Executive Coaching

Imagine individual managers who become more strategic, develop critical thinking and business acumen, gain emotional intelligence, effectively manage projects to meet objectives, and become effective team leaders inspiring their direct reports to new levels of excellence.


Keynote Speaking

Imagine inspiring your people to develop a new mindset that raises expectations and provides them with a meaningful experience that they not only talk about afterwards, but also results in them taking action to dramatically improve their performance and attitude.


Public Workshops

We have workshops for Executives, Senior Managers, Consultants, and Change Agents. And, we have training programs to Create Leaders at Every Level.


Mastership for Seasoned Consultants

Mastership for Seasoned Consultants and Coaches provides strategies, techniques and tools for the experienced senior consultant to improve effectiveness and efficiency in helping clients to achieve breakthrough business results.


Mastership for Transformational Leaders

Mastership for Transformational Leaders is a 3-day experiential workshop for experienced managers, change agents and high performers who are dedicated to transforming their workplace and themselves.


Train-the-Trainer Certification

For larger organizations that have in-house training and consulting personnel, it is often more effective to develop the internal capability to offer IMPAQ’s invaluable methodology. Doing so can allow for greater customization and is often more cost effective.