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IMPAQ Core Services Deliver Rapid,
Measurable, Transformation

For individuals, leadership, teams and the entire organization

Leadership & Employee Development

It’s one thing to provide executives, managers, supervisors, and employees with fundamental management skills to manage their respective functional areas or responsibilities. And, it’s a completely different outcome when managers are transformed into being business leaders where their dedication and ability is contributing to the improvement of the business as a whole.

When employees at every level are transformed into business leaders the exhibit the following qualities:

  • They behave and act in service to what is best for the business as a whole, rather than what is best for their functional area
  • They think strategically, anticipate breakdowns, and lead proactively to minimize inefficiencies and ineffectiveness
  • They not only coordinate and share information cross-functionally, but also solve problems and make decisions considering the impact on other parts of the organization
  • They proactively learn about how other functional areas work to better understand the functioning of the entire organization
  • They hold their direct reports accountable in support of achieving business outcomes and working as effective team players
  • They develop their direct reports and each other not just to improve current performance, but also in preparation for meeting the future goals and evolution of the organization

IMPAQ’s leadership transformation programs are always well integrated with your existing or past development efforts in order to demonstrate consistency and integration, while avoiding a flavor of the month program. While most development programs assess effectiveness based on participant evaluations and the development of action plans, IMPAQ’s Leadership Transformation programs measures actual business results directly linked to its development programs. This demonstrates a true actual Return on Investment.

Finally, IMPAQ offers Train-the-Trainer programs for each of our Leadership Transformation and development programs, so that you can gain cost effectiveness and ownership of the development program within your organization.

IMPAQ offers a full leadership transformation series for Senior and Middle Managers, Supervisors and all Employees at all levels. While each series can be completely customized, any of the topics can be offered individually.

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