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IMPAQ Core Services Deliver Rapid,
Measurable, Transformation

For individuals, leadership, teams and the entire organization

Keynote Speaking

Inspirational, thought-provoking and humorous are the words that best describe IMPAQ’s keynote speeches. People not only leave inspired with new ideas about accountability and leadership, they leave energized with practical strategies and tools to take action. Each speech is custom designed and delivered specifically to meet the goals of the organization and the specific audience that will be present.

While speeches are delivered by several of IMPAQ’s principles and senior consultants, Mark Samuel, Founder and President of IMPAQ’s lead the organization in this area.

As the nationally acclaimed author of Creating the Accountable Organization and co-author of The Power of Personal Accountability, Mark Samuel has been featured in Fortune Magazine as a top authority on how companies can end blame and create a place where people want to work towards common goals.

When CNBC or Bloomberg want to know how accountability can improve a company’s bottom line, they turn to Mark. Samuel, Founder and President of IMPAQ. Fortune 500 companies from around the globe and in all industries consider him a practical visionary. For over 25 years, Samuel has helped companies solve the challenges of performance improvement, leadership development, retention, mergers, effectively managed teamwork and culture change.

Mark’s personal objective is to carry the message of accountability to create a world where people can count on each other to make a meaningful difference. It’s been said that his speeches have a profound and positive effect on the way people function in their work lives and their personal lives.

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