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IMPAQ Core Services Deliver Rapid,
Measurable, Transformation

For individuals, leadership, teams and the entire organization

Mastership for Seasoned Consultants and Coaches

Mastership for Seasoned Consultants and Coaches provides experienced senior consultants with strategies, techniques and tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency for achieving business results. Based on new consulting and coaching paradigms, consultants learn to diagnose complex situations with great speed and ability to identify root causes that will leverage improvement efforts. Using an outcome-driven and accountability-based approach to planning and executing a consulting engagement, consultants achieve breakthrough results in rapid time for their internal or external clients. In addition, consultants learn strategies for measuring results that will demonstrate a true return on investment (ROI) for the services provided.

Entrepreneurial consultants and coaches develop methods for increasing and expanding their businesses. This includes the development of improved pricing models, service offerings, and products to create recurring revenue and add value for clients. In addition, entrepreneurs will develop expanded networks for linking their services to other consultants and expand their opportunities for being of service.

Mastership for Seasoned Consultants and Coaches combines training and coaching that has assisted people internationally by Mark Samuel, CEO of IMPAQ, and author of Creating the Accountable Organization, and Making Yourself Indispensable.

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