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IMPAQ Core Services Deliver Rapid,
Measurable, Transformation

At the individual, leadership, team and organizational level

Rapid Culture Change?

to achieve business results!

Public Workshop -?TBD

While other Culture Change efforts focus primarily on values, our Rapid Culture Change strategies focus on ?execution? (the behaviors that reflect values) to produce measurable business results within 6 to 9 months because:

  • Execution is directly linked to business results and employee engagement, trust and morale
  • We show you how to measure execution, relationships and deliverables that are directly linked to business results
  • It breaks down silos to create cross-functional collaboration and accountability

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Are You a Change Agent Looking for New Solutions?

Rapid Culture Change is a paradigm shift in approaching culture change and change management. Fortune 500 companies, multinational? organizations, prestigious educational institutions and non-profit organizations have experienced the benefit of IMPAQ?s approach to culture change. This workshop is designed for? individuals who desire new approaches to change that are practical, produce measurable results and achieve breakthrough results within a very short time period.

Whether you are implementing new technology, a new organizational structure, merging two organizations or establishing a new business model, Rapid Culture Change is for you.

Specifically this program is for:

  • Senior Leaders
  • HR and OD Professionals
  • Change Consultants
  • and anyone involved in implementing major change

For more info and to receive your application call 323-969-0088 or email

Bring Your Most Challenging Change Problem?

I encourage you to bring one of your toughest real-life change efforts; preferably one that hasn?t been able to be successfully implemented for over a year. The small size of the participant group (limited to 16) allows me to give individual attention to you as we apply powerful diagnostics to get to the heart of the issue.

You will also learn why previous approaches to the problems didn?t work. You will understand the problem, the root cause of the problem and the strategy for change. But there is more. You will learn the diagnostic tools so you can apply this to other complex and challenging organizational problems.

?and Learn New Paradigms that Produce Breakthrough Solutions

Based on our history of developing accountable organizations at every level within an organization, we have uncovered a new paradigm for leading change. This is supported by over 25 years of consistently achieving measurable results indicating changes in habits that resulted in:

  • sustained performance improvement
  • increased trust
  • higher levels of engagement and ownership of employees at all levels
  • enhanced cross-functional coordination and execution
  • improved project performance
  • measurable gain in business results and customer satisfaction


Enroll Now ? Limited Seating Available

We keep the workshop small because we want to make sure you have the time you want to absorb and use these tools; not only on your projects, but in assisting others in the room to broaden your learning and exposure to change implementations at all levels.

For more info and to receive your application call 323-969-0088 or email
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Get Breakthrough Measurable Results in 6-9 Months?

Culture change and improved business results are measured within 6 to 9 months as opposed to the typical estimate of 1 to 2 years. I have over 15 years of case studies and examples of creating exception-based culture change that consistently released transformation and measurable results in 6-9 months and was sustained for up to 15 years.
?and Get a Culture that Will Sustain It
The real advantage is that this is a culture-based change that produces immediate results by:

  • Cross-functional collaboration rather than silos
  • Proactive problem solving rather than ?blame-game finger pointing? and victimization
  • Meaningful measurements linking execution, relationships and deliverables to business results
  • Direction and priorities are absolutely clear so that people at all levels are focused and efficient
  • Everyone understands the ?non-negotiable? priorities that drive success and resources fragmentation caused by everything being priority one
  • Managers lead and develop their direct reports to high performance rather than micro-managing them
  • The organization is ?outcome-driven? rather than ?activities-driven? so that wasted meetings, effort and resources are minimized or eliminated
  • Organizational breakdowns are quickly diagnosed and resolved rather than depending on months of assessment, meetings and expensive consultants to improve the organization
  • Leadership and a sense of ?ownership? and engagement is developed at all levels of the organization instead of people just ?doing their jobs?

Be Ready to Implement as Soon as You Get Back to the Office

Here is what you will be returning with to your workplace, read to use:

  • A Full Set of Diagnostic Tools ? so you can quickly conduct root cause analysis for systematic organizational breakdowns
  • Problem Solving Skills ? so you will be able to address breakdowns between departments
  • Complete Systems ? to measure execution, relationships and deliverables linked to business results
  • Decision Processes – for how to choose between training and interventions to optimize results
  • How to Build Safety ? to increase personal and shared ownership and accountability for stellar results
  • Your Own Customized Change Implementation Plan ? to address one of your most challenging change efforts

For more info and to receive your application call 323-969-0088 or email
Download a Full Information Sheet on the Session
Click the link below and get a full four-page information sheet on the workshop including deliverables, workshop outline, pricing, location and a biography on Mark Samuel who will be leading the session.

Rapid Culture Change? to Achieve Business Results ? PDF

Listen to What previous Participants Are Saying

Great tools and practices for understanding how to take on change initiatives with more clarity, in particular the mindset change needed around certain issues. It streamlines process to work through, while undergoing all the inter-consecutiveness of the different elements at play. ?HR Consultant

Fantastic! It?s a paradigm shift for me in creating futures together by working cross functionally and doing it quicker than I ever thought possible. The techniques and tools validate that it is possible and there is a process to make it happen.?? ??Police Services