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IMPAQ Core Services Deliver Rapid,
Measurable, Transformation

For individuals, leadership, teams and the entire organization

Team Building

While typical team building programs (ropes courses, games, styles inventories and the like) are great for building awareness and improving relationships in the short term, Team Transformation involves changing mindsets and habits of behavior that demonstrate and sustain new levels of trust, execution and achieving business results.

Rapid Team Results (RTR) is the first team development program that guarantees measurable improvements in team relationships, team execution and achieving business deliverables within six months. RTR has been sustained by teams for as long as 15 years, producing measurable results even when new team members are added to the team.

RTR provides a robust Accountability System to establish, measure and track new team norms over time. Over a highly focused 2-day working session, teams work collaboratively to resolve real work place challenges, and in doing so, they practice and experience open communications, inclusive problem solving and decision making and developing accountable follow-up plans.

A common comment by participants from this 2-day session is We accomplished in two days what would have taken us 3 months to accomplish on our own.