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Accountability and Shared Ownership

The Challenge

When accountability and shared ownership are lacking customers aren’t consistently satisfied, performance goals aren’t achieved and employee morale and engagement are low.

Most solutions focus on personal accountability. Do what you say you are going to do. However, while you want people to keep commitments, the trap is that it doesn’t stop silo behavior, where people put their personal or team interests ahead of what is important for the organization’s success. When asked to achieve better results, a person can still respond, I followed procedures and did what I was told to do.

IMPAQ’s Solution

IMPAQ’s approach to accountability and shared ownership instills Personal Accountability, Team Accountability, Cross-functional Accountability and Organizational Accountability. The aim is to create a working environment where people can count on each other to take actions consistent with desired business results and agreed upon behaviors. People are not only committed to their job, but have shared ownership for achieving the desired results for their team and the organization.

The Result

  • Increased initiative and proactive problem solving
  • Improved communication and teamwork
  • Silos are minimized and cross-functional teamwork is enhanced
  • People hold each other accountable in a supportive way that builds morale
  • Dedication to a level of excellence beyond doing the job
  • Increased trust, engagement and positive energy