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Culture Change

The Challenge

It is almost impossible to achieve operational excellence or implement change effectively when the culture is steeped in mistrust, poor communication, blame of each other and excuses when breakdown occurs. While many organizations have a clear mission and set of core values, there may be little resemblance between people’s behaviors and their actions to those established messages.

Unfortunately, organizations spend millions of dollars on culture or climate surveys, training programs and communication campaigns to change the culture on the basis that people’s mindset needs to change before their behavior can change. However, these programs don’t necessarily change the habits of thinking and behavior that represent a true change of culture. As a result, there is still in place a lack of meaningful employee engagement, an absence of cooperation for addressing cross-functional breakdowns, and micro-management and politicking at leadership levels.

IMPAQ’s Solution

IMPAQ has a reputation for achieving rapid culture change, because our focus is on habits of execution the link between people and teams, rather than on a set of core values. Unfortunately, habits aren’t changed by training or awareness, but by replacing old habits with new ones. However, it isn’t individual habits that need changing, but collective habits, which is IMPAQ’s specialty.

We begin by identifying a Picture of Success  the ideal culture necessary to optimize business results within 1-year. You will understand the roles and expectations of each level within the organization and translate that into clear collective habits of execution that are measured, tracked and linked to business results. Now, culture is directly linked to the business, instead of being thought of as soft and an afterthought. We typically measure the impact of culture change on climate surveys and business results within 6 to 12 months  an example of true accountability.

The Result

  • The transformation of silos, blaming, politicking, mistrust, poor communication and avoiding conflict into an organization that takes initiative to solve problems and collectively demonstrates cross-functional teamwork and cooperation at all levels
  • Culture is measured through a correlation of data points including business results, execution and relationships
  • The culture is used for implementing change with efficiency and effectiveness
  • The culture becomes an asset for the organization in developing future leaders and attracting and retaining top performers
  • Leadership and engagement is demonstrated at every level