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Drive Innovation and Differentiation

The Challenge

As the competitive market place expands and grows globally, it is more critical for organizations to drive innovation and differentiation. This can be accomplished through the use of technology, a new approach to customer service, system integration, new market segmentation, or the use of global resources and optimization.

However, this requires organizations to change, where the impetus and idea generation comes from all levels of the organization. However, innovation and differentiation not only requires an openness to change, but also a high level of engagement from all levels and functions within an organization.

IMPAQ’s Solution

It is important to ensure that senior managers and middle managers have a clear understanding of the marketplace, the competition and the Picture of Success for creating differentiation in the marketplace. Based on that understanding, IMPAQ guides the messaging from senior managers and middle managers to educate everyone in the organization.

Then, IMPAQ works with middle managers in developing a safe and accountable work environment along with providing tools to assist middle managers and supervisors with the facilitation skills to actively engage employees at all levels in making recommendations for increased innovation and differentiation within the organization.

The Result

  • Alignment of senior and middle management to facilitate and lead innovative change in order to differentiate the organization in the marketplace
  • Cooperation and enthusiasm for change at all levels of the organization
  • Increase skills of middle managers and supervisors in facilitating employee engagement to enhance innovation and optimization
  • A system for tracking and rewarding innovation at all levels
  • Organizational skill in being adaptive, resilient and responsive