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Employee Engagement

The Challenge

In order for organizations to achieve operational excellence and customer satisfaction, it is critical for all employees to be engaged in surfacing and resolving problems and recommending improvements.

In some organizations the First Line Manager is more concerned with meeting schedules and achieving goals and resort to directing people on their jobs rather than facilitating discussions for improvement. In other organizations, employees will make recommendations for improvement only to be shot down by their manager who directs people to just follow direction and procedures.

Unfortunately, supervisory development training doesn’t provide the facilitation skills to change the habit of how First Line Managers lead meetings and run their meetings. In addition, there is more reward for meeting schedules and ensuring performance goals are achieved than offering improvement ideas. Organizations which have an improvement program to involve employees is a step in the right direction, but usually those programs are isolated to predetermined projects and don’t resolve the routine engagement of employees with their first line manager.

IMPAQ’s Solution

After clearly understanding the historic and systemic issues associated with the lack of employee engagement, a clear strategy is developed and agreed upon by the organization for changing the culture to elicit a higher level of employee engagement. Not only are middle managers and first line managers specifically developed in the specific mindset and skills associated with facilitating employee engagement, but they are provided a special self-learning system for changing their habits for running a meeting, leading discussions and reporting improvements as a result of employee engagement. Measurable results that demonstrate higher levels of employee engagement and improved processes and results are communicated within 7 months.

The Result

  • Meaningful Employee Engagement increases at all levels pointed toward the betterment of the organization
  • Breakdowns within and between functional areas are significantly reduced
  • Employees are more positive about change efforts and actively engage in making change happen
  • The relationship between Middle Managers, First Line Managers and Individual Contributors improve
  • Employees at all levels of the organization clearly understand and commit to the direction of the organization
  • Leaders at all levels of the organization are identified and developed for effective succession planning at all levels of management