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Executive Team Alignment

The Challenge

In order to optimize performance and effectively lead change it is critical for executives and senior management to be aligned. Unfortunately, often times senior managers can claim alignment in executive meetings, but not act in an aligned manner when they leave the meeting.

No amount of team building, leadership development or strategic planning resolves this issue. It is even more difficult to resolve when there are members of a senior management team that report to different executives within the corporate structure. This creates mixed messages within the organization, fragmented leadership efforts and silo behavior amongst middle management as a ripple affect throughout the organization. Unfortunately, this can be the root cause of projects not being effectively executed and change efforts not being realized.

IMPAQ?s Solution

IMPAQ has a unique approach based on building shared ownership for ensuring that Senior Managers are not only aligned in discussion, but actively aligned  meaning that they speak with one voice, act as a unified team, and actively support the decisions of the team outside of the team meeting.

This Accountability Leadership System establishes clear agreements by the executive or senior management team on defining the expectations for sharing information, communicating change and making decisions such that alignment is demonstrated with a tracking and measurement process to ensure commitments are being kept. And, when conflicting priorities take place, they are surfaced with a clear process for resolution that will provide clarity for the entire organization.

The Result

  • Executive and senior manager actions are consistent with their messaging to the rest of the organization
  • Priority projects and change efforts are completed on time with fewer breakdowns caused by conflicts in direction, conflicting priorities or resource constraints
  • Executive and senior management are more effective at solving problems and making decisions in a timely manner
  • Middle managers increase their cross-functional collaboration and accountability  solving operational problems and making operational decisions
  • Employees at all levels are clear on direction, priorities and the context behind change efforts resulting in greater motivation and commitment